PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Winter/Spring 2018

The Grand Boulevard of the Americas banners featuring the flags of the sovereign countries of the Americas and art representative of the cultures of those countries has been a great success with many complimentary comments received. Several thousand people viewed the flags/art banners during 2017. 

We’ve spent time this past year devoted to exploring ways to assist Kindergarten and 3rd Grade students to improve their reading skills and learning about the geography of the countries of the Americas. We hope to launch some programs along these lines in the near future.

As we all know Canada is a neighboring country to the North, a longtime friend, ally, and trading partner of the U. S. Additionally Missouri and Kansas companies engage in a high level of bi-lateral trade with companies in Canada. This past fall I had the opportunity to visit four cities in Canada and to meet with a high level official at the Canadian Foreign Ministry. In spite of issues of disagreement regarding NAFTA, the U. S.—Canada relationship remains strong and we are hopeful common ground can be achieved at some point on the issues in dispute.

Jim Malouff


Argentina Overview

Argentina became an independent nation in the early 19th century. The overwhelming majority of its citizens are ethnically European or partially European, reflecting the country’s 16th-century Spanish colonization and the waves of 19th and early 20th century immigration that flowed from Europe – particularly Spain and Italy. While the majority of Argentines are Catholic, the nation is home to many other religions, including substantial Jewish and Muslim communities. Its population has a high literacy rate and is a rich country culturally with long standing traditions in literature, theater, cinema, visual arts and music. It is the birthplace of the Tango.

Grand Boulevard of the Americas

Argentina Overview

The below image is from the Grand Boulevard of the Americas in downtown Kansas City, Missouri (USA), that shows the flag of Argentina and art representative of the culture of Argentina. The art was created by a high school student from a competition sponsored by the Pan American Association of Kansas City.

Argentina Banner

Argentine Facts of interest

  • Slightly smaller than 3/10 the size of the United States
  • Population Distribution: 1/3 of population lives in Buenos Aires.  Pockets throughout northern and central parts.  Patagonia in the south is sparsely populated
  • Population: 44.3M (July, 2017 est.)- 31st largest in world
  • Population Growth: 0.91% (2017 est.)
  • Literacy Rate: 98.1%
  • Government: Presidential Republic
  • Capital City: Buenos Aires

National Public Holidays (2018)

  • January 1- New Year’s Day
  • February 12- Carnival Monday (Monday before Ash Wednesday)
  • February 13- Carnival Tuesday (Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)
  • March 24- Truth and Justice Day
  • March 30- Good Friday
  • April 2- Malvinas Day (Veteran`s Day)
  • April 30- Bridge holiday before Labor Day
  • May 1- Labor Day
  • May 25- May Day Revolution
  • June 17- Martin Miguel de Guernes Day
  • June 20- National Flag Day
  • July 9- Independence Day
  • August 20- St. Martins Day (Third Monday in August)
  • October 15- Day of respect for cultural diversity (Columbus Day)
  • December 8- Immaculate Conception Day
  • December 24- Bridge Holiday
  • December 25- Christmas
  • December 31- Bridge Holiday


  • Second largest economy in South America.  Brazil is largest.  Major production of agricultural commodities, unexploited oil and gas reserves, large reserves of minerals and precious metals
  • GDP: $44.7B (2016 est.)
  • GDP Growth Rate: -2.2%
  • Unemployment Rate: 8.5% (2016 est.)
  • Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar= 18.89 Argentine Pesos
  • Labor Force: 17.76 million
  • Labor Force Makeup: Agriculture-0.5%, Manufacturing-24.8%, Services-74.7%
  • Major Industries: Food processing, motor vehicles, consumer durables, textiles, chemicals, petrochemicals, printing, metallurgy, steel


  • Buenos Aires, the Capital, is the most European like City in South America. Argentina has a wide range of tourist interests.

International Trade

  • Major Exports: Soybeans and derivatives, petroleum, gas, vehicles, corn, wheat.
    Total Exports: $57.78B (2016 est.)
  • Major Imports: Machinery, motor vehicles, petroleum, natural gas, organic chemicals, plastics.
    Total Imports: $53.24B (2016 est.)
  • Major Export Partners: Brazil - 15.5%, U.S.- 7.7%, China - 7.6%, Vietnam - 4.4% (2016)
  • Major Import Partners: Brazil - 24.3%, China - 18.7%, US - 12.5%, Germany - 5.5% (2016)
Jim Malouff